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Traveling with the Catholic Alumni Club

Did you know that there are about 30 other CAC clubs nationally? Did you know participation in each other's events  is a common courtesy that the local clubs extend to traveling members of other clubs?  Did you know that there are special weekend conventions designed specifically to host members of other clubs?  Yes! CAC'ers LOVE to travel and see each other!

The next time you find yourself making plans to head out of town, whether for business or pleasure, consider making contact with one of our other clubs.

Local Contact for Travelers

We have a local board member designated as our liaison to the Catholic Alumni Club International organization. They would be more than happy to provide any information or help you may need. Please contact them through the phone number on the inside cover of SPARKS, or send an e-mail through this website.

CAC in Other Cities

Here is a listing of club websites and contacts around the United States.

CAC in Other Cities


The CAC has regional conventions and a national convention every year. Here is a link to the schedule.

CAC Conventions