Catholic Alumni Club of Detroit

Club Activities


Our club offers a wide variety of activities. For instance:

  • Members open their homes to each other for House Parties and Games Nights, which are friendly, low-pressure gatherings, as well as great ice-breakers for getting to know people.  
  • Enjoy an evening of Dining Out at local restaurants with your fellow singles. Movies at a nearby cinema often follow dinner.  
  • For spiritual nourishment we offer Masses, Book Discussions, and Retreats for our members.  
  • Community Volunteering, an essential element of Catholic life, from sing-alongs at nursing homes to charity fund raisers, and more.  
  • Whether it be relaxing at the DSO, visiting the Macomb Center, or enjoying a good  concert in the park in Plymouth, Cultural Events are activities enjoyed by all.  
  • For the athletically inclined, we have  Volleyball, Softball,  Bowling, Tennis, and Hiking events provide a combination of low-intensity competition with friendly interaction.  
  • Our members sponsor Ski Trips for the regular skiers in our club: from local cross   country outings to weekend-long downhill skiing trips up north.  
  • Tying the bundle together and making CAC special are the twice-yearly Regional Weekends and the annual National Conventions, where CAC'ers from distant parts of the country meet and vacationwith one another.